Suggestions For A More Lasting Perfume

Fragrance perfume smell different on everyone at the same time are factors that affect the persistence of the reason. In addition;

  • Essential oil formulations persistence of raw materials in dense molecular ratio increases as increases. (Amber, oud Wood notes, Musk, Moss, Rec, balsam, notes, etc.)
  • Perfume design; the root of the harmony, aesthetics, character and persistence is a delicate balance between.
    So refreshing and clean fragrance a warm spicy scent character less than may be permanent.
    What matters to the liking of the person to make the choice of a perfume suitable and compatible it is.
  • The persistence varies according to the intensity of the fragrance used in perfumes perfume. In general, the ‘perfume’ of fragrance that we call the names of products that are actually used differ based on the usage rate. As increases the rate of essences, in parallel, increases in permanence.

PERFUME – fragrance intensity by 20% to 30

Eau de Parfum - essences and take in the intensity of 15% to 20

Eau de toilette - EDT fragrance of the intensity of 5% to 15

Eau de cologne - the fragrance of the intensity of EIA 2% and 4

Eau fraiche - essences %density varies between 1 and 3.

  • Persistence is an important factor in terms of open or closed pores on the skin. After the shower sprayed perfume on the skin longer and emit odour. Because the odor molecules of a body that had regained holds moisture better.

  • Humidity also increases in direct proportion to the permanency of perfume in the air condition.
  • Perfume before using the skin body cream/lotion to increase the amount of oil in the skin and increases the persistence of the application.
  • The heart should be applied to a pulse (neck, inside elbows, ankles, behind the knees) is one of the reasons that affect persistence.
  • Perfume, light, sun,moist environments and be kept away from
  • Your dark skin more spicy and woody scents of use
  • With skin white floral, vanilla, sugar and fresh scents of use






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