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Tüm Ürünlerde %25 BAYRAM İNDİRİMİ | 750 ₺ ve Üzeri Alışverişlerinizde ÜCRETSİZ KARGO

When we let our order form for delivery on the delivery according to the time we can perform 100% tolerant.

In case of any error in the delivery address specified in the order regarding the order that is related to take place.

Visitor specified by the e-mail address following the transmission of the validity of the order is automatically sent by e-mail is confirmed.

On delivery, the customer to the bank that we use credit card system, we have a responsibility there.

Delivery Method

As the delivery method, the user can choose 2 different ways. The company selects one of 2 methods of delivery, with delivery and shipping the shipping fee are exempted from the user based on the price shopping.


Each product is under the manufacturer's warranty you receive.

You received the product from the package/destruction/the/using the product from the date of delivery for without breaking seven (7) day period received with The Shape of you can return it. Product, product, invoice, order numarinizi containing a petition or return form with your return, please.

Packets received that you think was damaged during shipping, and check open in front of company officials. Report if there is any damage to the shipping company if the product tuttururara take delivery of the product. Shipping after product is received exactly that you note that you have accepted the mission of the company please

Opened, used, destroyed, and in other ways will not accept the return of products.

The product is delivered to customer in question will therefore use him to give back to current status and use of the property is obliged to indemnify the loss in commercial value

The product return or exchange the customer will change his mind about if we receive the returned product to the date ten (10) days of the product price will be refunded. Return the product to your credit card by your bank fee between 2-6 weeks is done. In this time there is no saving of our company.

The product and its packaging in any opening, distortion, breakage, damaged, torn, used, shared, and of the poet and the product is delivered to the customer only if the event is detected at the time in case of inability to return the product will not return and will not refund your price.

Any failures that may occur after the product reaches the customer, the manufacturer's authorized should consult with their service.

In the event that shipping costs for returned products comply with the above requirements will be paid by the customer.

Deposit refunds will be made within 2 business days for credit card refunds within 3 business days. Your bank may not reflect the refund on your credit card in your account the same day. In this case, you'll need to call your bank's credit card service. Your order has a “canceled” after the warning, The Price returned to your credit card or bank transfer at your bank. Your credit card balance each month plus the return on installment sales are reflected by your bank as.