General Information About Scents



ORIENTAL: reminiscent of the East is used for perfumes. Usually this group perfumes amber, vanilla, spices, incense, Musk and notes of resins is used. Oriental perfumes intense scents because they are suitable for the winter months and they are usually at night.


ORIENTAL FLOWER: Generally, jasmine, gardenia, hyacinth, tuberose, osmanthus, sandalwood, musk, amber, apricot notes will be used. According to the amount of perfume the perfumes of spices in the day and night are available.


FRUIT: Generally, apple, apricot, Tangerine, bergamot, plum, pineapple, peach, notes of blackberries is used. The perfumes in this family are usually for young people and is light enough to be carried easily in the days.


FLOWERS: one or more perfumes with floral notes are. A single flower is produced with the fragrances of perfume "soliflore" is called. This family is typically used in the notes are rose, jasmine, lily of the Valley, orris, Violet, carnation, Lily, hyacinth and Daffodil fragrancesconsists of.


Alhedit are: This group of chemicals with pure perfume odor alhedid they used. Attractive, sharp, and intriguing, there are notes. Alhedid, allowing it to be felt as the other notes in perfume is more intense.


TREE: often this perfume, sandalwood, rosewood, cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli, and musk notes is used. These notes that have scents, fragrance notes using the notes are balanced and the other families are generally lower in the places closest to the skin are used.


CHYPRE: usually in the family chypre fragrances sage, lavender, oak moss, patchouli notes from the lobby. Foresty smell gives you the feeling of this group, which can be a compatible combination for nature lovers.


WOODY/LEATHER: this perfume in leather, wild juniper oil, tobacco, Birch, gum, honey, as well as the notes is used.


AROMATIC: This fragrance in the family, oak moss, lavender, sage, juniper notes is used. Due to its pungent aroma owned, often men's fragrances are in this group.


CITRUS: This family that is used in the fragrance notes grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, oranges, and tangerines from occurs. A relaxing and refreshing effect due to the scents in this class is suitable for use in the summer months.


OCEAN: the perfume of this fragrance family produced the raw materials that are used in laboratories, thanks to the water of the ocean, the mountain air, cleanliness, freshness and relief can be felt.


YEŞILOVA: usually in the family Yesil fragrance I galbanu, rosemary, lavender, pine, juniper, Mandarin notes are used. These perfumes usually, Yesil leaves and fresh-cut grass the smell of animsatirl are.

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