Through each stage of communication process credit cards on our site are secured.

Site-Visitor Communication Security

The visitor of our site with 128-bit SSL communication between the site in order page within standards is conducted. A large number of these communication standards that can be safely used even on the sites that are traded in nature. On this page you will be given your credit card information where it includes the main form of communication if the expression in the address bar when the page is accessed that says http://.. is not in the format https://.. represents being in the format. When you access pages of this nature, there will be a lock icon in the bottom right corner of the browser.

Site-Bank Communication Security

Credit card information from the site by the bank to the bank for the transfer with maximum security the security takes place. In addition to multiple components of the security in question, Cvv2/CVC2 code, card, or also as a precaution against shopping with stolen card information our site is used.

Data security for the site

Your credit card data in a secure environment and what you can do, except for blowing the bank , no other person, institution or company lacked access to your information. The credit card processing page information directly to the bank's POS system and the result will be sent to the client. Credit card information by e-mail or imparted by other methods. Credit card information is transferred as a result of the online process to be accessed even by us, it is not possible.