OUD 1 For Women Essential Oil 5 ml.


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Scent Group:Floral, Sweetened

Top Note: Caramel, Milk Candy

Middle Note: Jasmine, White Flowers, Ud

On the Lower Note: Vanilla, Musk, Amber, Sandal

Note:There may be a difference between the original product color and the colors in the picture.

Product features:

-By R & DChosen5 ml fragrance

-Essences are alcohol-free, You can easily use it even on sensitive skin types

-A premium scent of premium attar derived from specially selected essential oils

-Uninterrupted and homogeneous use with steel ball application mechanism

-Featured with aesthetics and quality bottleTake off,KIt is easy and durable in ullanm

-The product is guaranteed for 12 months.

-The product belongs to Sükke brandAndIs the product of a reliable and high-quality brand.

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